7 Ways to Stay Calm This Election Season

Updated: Oct 4

You've tried pretending the world around you hasn't gone mad. One minute you're reading the latest tweets (Twitter is the worst!) and trading unbelievable stories with friends. The next minute you're watching TV and lunging for the remote as soon as you hear the familiar chime: "breaking news." I know the feeling. Please God let me change the channel before something alters my mood. We all want a little stability. Where is the doggone peace? Here are a few things that have worked for me.

7 simple ways to stay calm in a crazy world:

  1. Delete Twitter, Facebook and Facebook messenger apps from your phone, and limit your check-ins to once daily or a few times per week from your laptop. This perhaps the best thing I've ever done with a mobile phone.

  2. Limit your digital news intake and stop checking for updates every fifteen minutes. Get your news from old fashioned sources: the good ol' print editions. Local TV news, magazines, newspapers and books. If there's something urgent you really need to know, I'm sure a friend will tell you about it!

  3. Do not read social media comments or tweets. I repeat: do not read social media comments or tweets. Most of the salacious things you listen to or read won't impact your life unless you invite them in. So don't.

  4. Soak up some vitamin D by going for daily walks, without fail. Your walk can be as little as five minutes in between conference calls.

  5. Force yourself to sit and do absolutely nothing. Try not to even think during this time. You can relax and reset in five minutes or less.

  6. If you stay on social media, unfollow the tabloids and fear mongers so they don't come up in your feed. We all know some. Follow people you'd want to learn from or have a drink with after work. Follow people you'd want to be friends with in real life: positive, interesting, fun, encouraging, ambitious.

  7. Make your life more interesting that anything you could possibly read on social media.

With numero 7, you now know the topic for my next post. This, my friends, is my sole quest.

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