3 Truths to Remember from Your First Day to Your Last

Updated: Oct 4

While the expertise of the executive or the craftsman is intimidating, they've all been amateurs or beginners before. Everyone endures a day one. They forge through the first day and the next day and then the next. Over years, they develop the confidence, knowledge and skill that allows them to succeed in their craft. Here are three things you must remember and believe about yourself, starting on day one:

  1. Something about you got you to this place or moment, either your skill, likability, education, work ethic, or ability to build relationships. Don't forget why you are here in this moment. Know what it is that you contribute and be confident yet humble about those qualities.

  2. You don't know everything, but you can learn anything. Seek input from people who are more experienced. Communicate your enthusiasm and willingness to learn. People want to help those who are willing to listen and learn. No reasonable manager would expect you to knock out every task perfectly on day one. The error is not in making the mistakes but in thinking that you can be perfect. Don't disrupt your own enthusiasm and focus when you make mistakes. The manager or craftsman learned over time through trial and error and so will you.

  3. Someone believes in you and wants you to succeed, be it your mom, the leader of the workshop, the CEO or your new manager. Now, you must believe in yourself.

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