Selected Media and Podcast Appearances

Reinvent Yourself Podcast with Lesley Jane Seymour 

"Shai booked an unconventional summer vacation to Berklee College of Music and eventually packed up for Nashville."

From Lawyer to Musician and Back -

"After a year spent touring as a musician, Shai shares how she found her way back to balancing being both lawyer and musician."

Hey Human Podcast 
with Susan Ruth

"Shai and I sat down at the house, and we talked about her experience as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney, civil rights and navigating the waters."

How to Create Your Own C-Suite 
Diversity Women Magazine

"Realizing her career could be anything she wanted, she scaled down her practice to part-time. Then, she set out on a year of adventure that changed everything."

Living Your Dreams 
Woman's Day Magazine

"She went to law school, got a job at a prestigious firm in Washington, DC, and worked as a lawyer for a decade. But her heart wasn't in it..." 

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