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It's your field guide to discovering personal fulfillment & happiness.

Discover simple, practical steps to personal fulfillment and a happier lifeI was an over-worked, out of balance, Washington lawyer in a career that brought me no joy or personal fulfillment. Now, I'm a Nashville singer-songwriter, corporate attorney, adventurer, family girl and author of these field guides. I'll share what I learned on my own personal journey and show you how to achieve a happier life.

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About Shai

Striving for success is pointless if we are unhappy all the way to the summit. 

For fifteen years, my career was my sole, intense focus. I dreamed of being a performing songwriter, and I wanted to explore creative activities, but I never had enough time. I spent too much time behind my desk, wanting more from life and not knowing how to get it. My greatest spiritual and mental challenge was when my mother passed away on December 1, 2011. I set off on my search for peace and fulfillment, outside of work, which I soon began to call my soul-crafted journey. Now, through this blog, I share inspiring stories, fun ideas, and simple, practical steps for shifting your mind towards happier, more fulfilling lives

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